Co. Board to consider buying GPS gear

NEW ULM – Brown County commissioners will consider a resolution Tuesday to buy Watonwan County’s half of GPS (Global Positioning System) survey equipment the two counties bought in 2010 and shared since that time.

The two county boards bought and shared $15,757.65 worth of GPS equipment three years ago and found it useful for surveying construction projects, saving many hours establishing benchmarks and allowing one -man surveying, according to the Request For Board Action (RBA).

Watonwan County recently proposed to buy its own GPS receiver and asked Brown County to buy its half of the shared equipment, valued at $3,939.41, using an eight-year depreciation schedule on the original purchase price.

Commissioners will also consider:

Buying a belly dump trailer for the highway department which already has a truck tractor to pull a low boy trailer and could be used to pull a belly dump trailer, according to the RBA. State bids and quotes for 42 and 40-foot trailers are $56,951.06 from RDO, $55,672.66, Titan Machinery; $54,378.90 Boyer Ford; and $55,720.53, Nuss Truck & Equipment.

The trailer could be bought with funds not spent in the original budget from the last three years, $64,000 including $18,900 originally budgeted for a used belly dump. The trailer could pay for itself in two to three years, according to the RBA. The highway department recommends the low bid from Boyer Ford.

The county highway committee looked into availability and cost of used trailers and reported there are not many available and they cost more than half the amount of a new one.

A $7,180 two-year Minnesota DNR (Department of Natural Resources) Snowmobile Grant for Nov. 30, 2013 through June 30, 2015.

One commissioner being identified to served on the SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program) Community Leadership Team (CLT). The SHIP team requests one commissioner for each of four counties involved in the project be part of the CLT.

Approving a $17,514.80 final payment for County Ditch (CD) 5 clean out and tile outlet repair, northwest of Sleepy Eye in Prairieville Township. The project included cleaning out 58,580 feet of open ditch and repairing 20 tile outlets at a total cost of $84,296.

Approving a $9,208.60 final payment for CD 28 clean out and tile outlet repair. The project included cleaning out 36,810 feet of open ditch and repairing 10 tile outlets at a total project cost of 451,172.

Normal maintenance drainage ditch repairs made including $2,197.26 for two side drain repairs in Joint Ditch (JD) 29, Section 5 Prairieville Township; $705.60 tile outlet and ditch bank washout, JD 29, Section 3, Prairieville Township; $630.60 side drain washout, JD 29 Section 34 Eden Township; $130 bank stabilization rip rap, JD 30, Section 4 Stark Township; $1,462.25 ditch bank and side drain repair, CD 12 Section 12, Eden Township; $630.72 tile washout CD 60, Section 32 Prairieville Township; and $1,391.73, large ditch washout JD 29 Section 5, Prairieville Township.

Electing 2014 chair, vice chairman and adopting Robert’s Rules of Order with three provisions for 2014 county board meeting conduct.

The meeting starts at 9 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 7 in the courthouse commissioner’s room.

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