Scallops Two Ways

I tried desperately to start eating well since last week. I had every intention of accomplishing this goal. I have to admit I failed miserably.

This plan did not last one day. I am so embarrassed. The very first day, which was last Monday, I cheated. I was doing fine all day long. I was so excited about my weight loss and my increased energy. Then, temptation reared its ugly head in the form of cheese.

My downfall occurred later that evening when my good friend, Susan, wanted to celebrate and brought out some delicious cheeses and wine. I tried not to eat it at first. I did not enjoy watching everyone else dive into those cheeses. I wanted to try a slice so badly.

Claud could see my pain. Claud said, “Why would you start before the New Year?” I thought about it for a minute. Yeah, people do this sort of thing as a resolution, not before the New Year. Why would I do this before? What was I thinking? I decided he was right and ate the cheese with gusto. It was so good. I felt really happy eating cheese. I had high hopes that I would eat perfectly after the New Year. I had no worries.

Soon it was New Year’s Eve. I had invited several friends to our house for food, drinks and celebration. We decided to make tons of snacks instead of a sit down dinner since our party was not starting until 8:30. As I shopped for New Year’s Eve, I wanted to get my cheese fix satiated (like that’s possible). I purchased several types of cheeses to serve with crackers and salami. I bought crme fraiche for the smoked salmon and topped these with caviar. I made crab dip with cream and cheddar cheeses. I wanted to get all of the creamy stuff in as a last hurrah. You should have seen my cart. It was gluttonous.

At the check out stand, the cashier said, you should get the “unbelievable cheddar” to go with this salami. I said, “Yes, how did I miss it?” and ran back to get it. I was out of control. Claud made ceviche with salmon and cod. I made bruchetta and coated the toasted sliced baguettes in olive oil with herbs and garlic. I served caramelized onion dip and pesto with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese. We only had about 25 people coming over and made enough food for at least double that. We went overboard for sure.

I also made scallops two different ways. Both versions were topped with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, basil and garlic. However, one version I wrapped in prosciutto ham. I made the other version for those who choose not to eat red meat. These are so easy to make and bake in the oven for only ten minutes. They are a perfect idea for an easy appetizer.

New Year’s Eve was a success. Pretty much everyone slept over. Nobody was good to drive. I woke up to popped balloons, noisemakers on the floor, dishes and glasses everywhere. Luckily everyone pitched in with the clean up. When we finished, we decided to take all of the teenagers, about ten of them, on a hike in Red Rock Canyon and then out to lunch. It was absolutely beautiful and a great place to clear your mind and look forward to an amazing new year.

Afterwards, we went out to lunch. We needed a break from cooking and we were exhausted from all of the festivities and champagne. I ordered a veggie burger and it came with cheese. Oh well, I ate it. Shoot, first day again and I didn’t do it. I was too tired to give myself a hard time.

The following morning, we had a lot of extra food in the refrigerator and tons of cheeses left. I noticed we still have champagne in our refrigerator. That never happens. I couldn’t stand the idea of letting any of this good food go to waste. I ate some crab dip and made a cheese sandwich. That is not my new eating plan. So, still I am not doing it. In the end, I decided that it makes no sense to do this until the kids go back to school. It’s still vacation time. I know; I am ridiculous. It makes sense to me though. I am not going to throw out perfectly good food. It might just be a big fat excuse. Pun intended. I’ll figure it out and get on track soon. No sense in worrying about it. I hope everyone else is doing better with his or her New Year resolutions.

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