It’s all about corporate greed

To the editor:

Yesterday (Jan. 6) the editor was railing about president Obama sitting on the fence about the Keystone XL oil pipe line. They saying we need to complete this project to insure or energy security.

I say this is an idea designed only to promote big oil. Today it was reported that American big oil is already exporting oil, and products such as gas to far away lands! The article saying that big oil is lobbying even now to export even more American produced oil. I propose that this oil pipe line will only lend to big oil exporting Canadian oil subject to American law on export. I mean…

If this oil project is about creating jobs in America then the border state governors and congressmen should be pushing for the refinement of this oil in their own states!

If the idea is to create jobs in Minnesota, then the building and work should be done in Minnesota! Besides we don’t have huricanes to hinder or damage production. In any event it is clear that Keystone is not about America, its border states or our people. It is again about corporate greed!

Oren Lee Thorson

New Ulm

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