Recycling ‘problem’

Minnesota apparently has a recycling “problem” – apparently we don’t recycle plastic bottles at the rate the Legislature thinks we should.

So the Legislature is considering a bottle deposit bill – tacking a 10-cent deposit on plastic bottles that can be redeemed when you take them to a recycling center. The recycling centers would be run by a non-profit corp. set up by the statute. The cost of running the system would be about $29 million, according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, payable by beverage companies who would pass the cost on to the consumer at the rate of one cent a bottle. The MPCA estimates the law would create 1,076 jobs.

Retailers, recyclers and waste collectors are not too excited about it. The dime charge could cut their sales; taking containers out of the trash stream could cut trash collectors’ profits, and will there be enough recycling centers to make it convenient for all, even in the rural areas?

Is this the only solution the Legislature can think of to boosting recycling rates? One that costs $29 million to operate?

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