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Helget honor

THUMBS UP: Brown County Auditor-Treasurer has been around a long time at the County Courthouse. He was elected County Auditor in 1986, and became Auditor-Treasurer when the two positions were combined in 1989. It’s easy to take someone for granted after all this time, but Helget was honored this week when the Minnesota Association of County Officers named him Auditor of the Year at their annual conference.

Over 27 years, Helget and his staff (whom he was quick to credit after the recognition) have been doing the job of watching over the county’s funds, collecting the property taxes and overseeing election, adapting to changes in procedures and technologies all along the way.

Congratulations to Helget for the honor.

Bloodmobile donors

THUMBS UP: The Red Cross Bloodmobile came to New Ulm this week, and local donors blew past the daily quotas like an Alberta Clipper on a Minnesota prairie.

The bloodmobile had a goal of 438 units of blood over three days. A total of 490 donors gave blood, 11 percent over the goal.

Donating blood is giving the gift of life. Congratulations to all the donors and volunteers for this great turnout.

Lt. Governor’s role

THUMBS UP: Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon announced this week she would not seek re-election to the position, leaving Gov. Mark Dayton looking for a new running mate.

Prettner Solon decided 25 years of public service is enough. She had served on the Duluth City Council 12 years, in the Minnesota Legisalture for nine years after the death of her husband, State Sen. Sam Solon, and now four years as lieutenant governor.

She has been an advocate for senior citizens in the Capitol and a liaisson for rural Minnesota, but we would imagine four years as lieutenant governor would be enough for most people. It is a position with few regular meaningful duties, other than whatever the governor and lieutenant governor decide on. We wish Prettner Solon well as she returns to private life.

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