Abortion is cruel and unusual

To the editor:

This is in reference to the Jan. 20 editorial, “Botched execution should give pause,” which described the 1906 hanging of a Minnesota man that took 14 minutes to finally bring about strangulation, and a recent execution in Ohio by lethal injection that took 26 minutes before death intervened.

The article ends with: “The U.S. Constitution prohibits ‘cruel and unusual punishments.’ Cruel and unusual certainly sounds like words that would apply in this case.”

Question: If all of America’s journalists were to view “Eclipse of Reason” (see it on You Tube), would we get an equivalent, unbiased summary, in regard to the cruelty shown toward the little boy?

The Jan. 23, 9:48 a.m. commenter says: “I have a real problem with killing people.” And “How can we say we are better than the killers when we end up being killers ourselves ?” Well, in 2012 in Minnesota, 10,701 abortions were performed – an average of more than 30 every single day, and 34 percent of the abortions were paid for with taxpayer funds.

You will note from the article that it was the “media” that reported the botched hanging in 1906, which then caused such a public outrage that capital punishment was finally outlawed in Minnesota. Today, it is the “media” that refuses to show the public the incredible cruelty inflicted on children who have committed no crime; which now propels the “American Holocaust” into it’s 41st year with over 56 million killed so far.

Phil Drietz


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