Precinct Caucuses

Tuesday begins the political process for the 2014 elections. Precinct caucuses are being held throughout Minnesota, the first step in selecting candidates and defining issues that will lead to November.

Precinct caucuses give people a chance to meet with their politically like-minded neighbors to discuss issues, ponder candidates and elect delegates who will represent them in larger party conventions. These delegates will help select candidates to represent their parties on the county, state, legislative district and congressional districts.

The challenge with precinct caucuses is to get enough people there provide a true representation for the party. It is possible for small, motivated and well-organized groups to show up and dominate, if no one else bothers to come and caucus. That’s why primary challenges are an important part of the candidate selection process as well.

We urge anyone who has concerns about the way government is operating to take the time on Tuesday to attend their precinct caucuses. The more who attend, the better the process will work.

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