Sleepy Eye students attend precinct caucuses

SLEEPY EYE – Sleepy Eye High School students in Kevin Schneider’s American Government and College Government classes as well as number of Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s High School students attended Republican and Democrat precinct caucuses Tuesday at Sleepy Eye School.

“This is grassroots democracy at its best. This is where it starts,” said Republican Caucus Chairman Greg Bartz.

Republican Precinct Caucus resolutions to be submitted to the Brown County Republican Convention, at 8:30 a.m., Saturday, March 1 at the Orchid Inn, Sleepy Eye included urging the Minnesota Legislature to ban webcam abortions, a dangerous procedure in which the drug RU486; banning taxpayer-funded abortions; urging the Legislature to protect women by instituting basic regulations and inspections of abortion facilities, which is not done now; urging the Legislature to stop piggy-backing bills; and supporting family and consumer science programs that teach nutrition and food preparation skills to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the obesity rate.

Democratic resolutions included amending the constitution to counter the Citizens United Supreme Court decision defining corporations as people and allowing unlimited political campaign contributions that allowed special interest groups to flood the 2012 elections with more than $1 billion in outside interest spending; not questioning the validity of the national public debt; holding congressional hearings on the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership (TPTP) so corporate interests don’t supercede laws of sovereign countries; requiring environmental studies on the affects of fracking to determine soil and water effects on humans and animals and making the studies public; requiring corporations to make fracking chemicals known to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); and charging corporations that don’t pay living wages for the cost of government benefits like food stamps and Medicare; and now allow the costs to be tax deductible.

Brown County DFL Precinct Caucus registration begins at 9:30 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 15 at the New Ulm Civic Center upstairs meeting room.

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