Fraud services contract OK’d

NEW ULM – Brown County commissioners approved a 2014 Brown County Attorney Fraud Services Contract on Tuesday.

A 2 percent increase was added to the 2013 rate, with the new rate at $168.18 per hour.

The agreement among the State of Minnesota, Brown County Family Services and the Brown County Attorney’s Office calls for fraud prosecution services pursuant to Food Stamp Act of 1997 requirements and the Social Security Act. The department and attorney desire to establish cooperative procedures for effective enforcement and prosecution of Food Support and Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) rules and regulations, investigation and prosecution of Food Support and MFIP fraud cases, and for effective enforcement, investigation and prosecution of other welfare fraud cases, according to the RBA.

Commissioners approved:

Proceeding with a $92,700 clean water project grant including a GIS license purchase, drainage management software, a seasonal employee hire and iPads to be used in the field. The county is required to match 25 percent ($22,925) of the grant.

A work plan must be submitted for review and approval by March 17. A final grant agreement will be executed by April 1. The 25 percent match may include wireless access for the iPads, programming iPads for field use, administrative costs, and labor.

Brown County Highway Engineer Wayne Stevens said the grant will reduce ditch location guesswork, track repairs, save landowners ditch viewing costs and will make online data available to anyone. Software maintenance costs have not been determined.

A New Ulm Brown County Highway Department shop yard storm sewer layout. There is no storm sewer in the lot, located at 19th North and Jefferson. If bituminous is replaced, it’s a good time to add a storm sewer in the shop yard rehabilitation project estimated at $250,000.

Underground work and major shaping would be done by the county. Curb, gutter and concrete aprons will be hired out. Letting date is 10 a.m., Wednesday, March 19 at the courthouse.

Setting letting dates at 10 a.m., Wednesday, March 12, at the courthouse for Surface Rehabilitation Projects on CSAH 13 from New Ulm to the Minnesota River; CSAH 16 from TH 14 to the north county line; CSAH 22 from TH 4 to CSAH 10; and CSAH 29 from CSAH 12 to TH 14, for cold, in-place recycle and overlay surface rehabilitation. The five segments have many pavement cracks causing the need to rehabilitate it.

The projects will be primarily funded with state aid funds, but some local levy funds will be used as shown in the current five-year program. The projects are anticipated to be rehabilitated from July to September.

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