Water Park indeed

To the editor:

In response to Mr. Warta:

Some of my fondest memories as a kid growing up in New Ulm were of days filled swimming at the outdoor pool. There were so many kids wanting to swim, they had to swim in shifts! Now there is talk of people, (tax paying people) who think a water park should be something the Park and Rec department should investigate. It isn’t like it has never been discussed among residents before , but now when it gets put in the paper we start to hear from opposition. Well, I for one think it is something they should study and see just what the numbers come up to be. Maybe some kind of alternate financing can be discussed, like the sales tax that helped pay for the civic center. That way the cost would be distributed among a larger number of people.

There are many things I pay for with my taxes that I don’t use, or use that often. That is just the price you pay for being a taxpaying member of the community. And what about the number of people a water park would draw to New Ulm? I’m sure people who use the parks in different communities, also spend money at other businesses. Just because some of the citizens of New Ulm want a water park, that doesn’t mean we are not appreciative of what we have, and just because it has nothing to do with New Ulm’s German heritage does not mean it is a bad idea!!

Bob Eckstrand

New Ulm

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