A poor sense of direction

To the editor:

Although I could probably fill this page refuting Mr. Warta’s negative statements about New Ulm I’ll do my best to keep this short.

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, The Journal published an editorial by Mr. Denny Warta which, as I understand it, states New Ulm has enough; we don’t need any more. Well sir that is a very short sighted view, especially from someone who claims to be a civic leader. I was raised to believe a civic leader’s function was to lead a community so as to provide for the betterment of the community at large, not someone who is so eager to lead people away from the community. Statements such as Mr. Warta’s would suggest he subscribes to the “I got mine, who cares about you’ philosophy. Perhaps this reveals the true reason why New Ulm’s growth has been so stagnant over the past decades or why our city’s youth is so desperate to leave and so reluctant to return. Let us recall the old adage, ‘what you have done is not as important as what you are doing’. We need growth to prosper and we need prosperity to survive.

While it is true we should help support our neighbors it is also true we should tend to matters at home first. If we New Ulmites are to travel that short distance to spend our time and money in another town, perhaps certain people should step aside so we can improve our roads and community.

Dave Fleck

New Ulm

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