Who needs water park and the business it brings?

To the editor:

Denny Warta is exactly right. Why should New Ulm have an outdoor water park?

We used to have two outdoor swimming pools in German park. But the wise old Germans on the City Council decided to bulldoze it all. They replaced it with flowers and picnic tables and signs that kept kids with skateboards and bicycles out of the park. It’s a good thing they put those signs up because when you drive by German Park on any warm summer day, you’ll find the park full of tourists eating sauerkraut and dumplings.

Warta is right. Leave New Ulm and drive your kids to a nearby town that has a water park. Have you seen the fantastic new outdoor water park in Gaylord? I suggest taking your family there next summer and drop the kids off at the park. Meanwhile, Mom can go shopping in all of the stores in downtown Gaylord, and Dad can go have a cold one at the local watering hole. When you pick the kids up at the end of the day, take them out for a meal at the local restaurant. And don’t forget to fill up with gas there before heading back to New Ulm.

Jamie Milbrett

New Ulm

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