How dare we want more?

To the editor:

While reading the letter to the editor, in the 2-12-14 Journal there was a short letter sent in by a former New Ulm business owner and city councilor, Denny Warta. It was titled “Water park? Is it really needed?”

I, Rick Howk, would really liked to have seen it titled WHY DO YOU WANT MORE? How dare you, Mr. Warta. Some of the statements you made today we the people are wondering what if we named it Warta Water Park? You once criticized me in this paper years back by saying it’s people like me that are the reason our town does not grow! And today you tell people to drive elsewhere to shop/spend money, because you think New Ulm is the Twin Cities! The difference between New Ulm and Mankato or the Twin Cities is this – they have four lane roads to get around faster and safer, not a Highway 14 GOAT PATH. At least people like me, who make up what I call in our fair city ” WE THE PEOPLE,” are still trying to make things better in our town. Mr. Warta, if you don’t believe me ask Mayor or our Economic Development Dept. about me and the others and about our work.

But first, let’s use your way of thinking as you have written it. You stated that WHY should the city build something that you wont be using that will make your taxes go up? Can “WE THE PEOPLE” use that same theory also for schools/ball parks/arenas? We also pay taxes for them but we all do not use them. Let us also use the a phrase that our city Chamber and Visitors Bureau use – SHOP NEW ULM FIRST. Now you are telling “WE THE PEOPLE” we should drive to Mankato or Sleepy Eye – because it’s only one half hour away to take our families to shop/play – to save “YOU” tax money. Sleepy Eye does have a beautiful lake and park, something we do not have, because of an incident at the Dam in the 1960’s. Years back you always criticized “WE THE PEOPLE” who drove to Mankato or the Twin Cities to do things when you owned a business in town. You see, sir, the PAST is not forgotten. Their are plenty of “WE THE PEOPLE” who like you – really do like our fair city but WE ARE TRYING to get this city growing again – we want a place for visitors and our children and their children to stay/live/flourish! The way to do that is BUILD what the people want by (1) get the ideas from “WE THE PEOPLE” then (2) let the people vote on it to see if it can be built.

Remember Mr.Warta, in the future the City of New Ulm”s Park and Rec Dept. is going to look into a new Harman Park under the old water tower – should we use your idea of go to Sleepy Eye Lake to rent their shelters or when the new fair ground is built by Mankato should “WE THE PEOPLE” go their to just save you tax money – maybe should we NEVER fix/update the local Bavarian Blast site? Or do tourist count but tax payers don’t?

Rick Howk

New Ulm

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