Fed up with all the “change”

To the editor:

“If you like your insurance policy you can keep your insurance policy.” Oh how I wish it were true. My wife and I purchased health insurance when we were married more than 28 years ago and have duly paid premiums ever since (we liked our policies). Our insurance companies changed hands from time to time, as so often happens in the industry, until shortly after the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) passed Congress and was signed into law by President Obama. Within weeks of passage, our insurance company informed us they had decided to exit the health insurance industry altogether (some coincidence, huh?).

We applied for coverage through a different company, were approved, and again paid our premiums (we liked our new policy). On January 13, 2014 our current company sent us a letter telling us that although our group policy met the terms and conditions of Obamacare, by law we as “sole proprietors” (we are farmers) could not own such a policy (what?), and our current policy would terminate on the anniversary date. Our insurance agent is, of course, understandably very busy right now, and it took several days to arrange a meeting. Our current company had several policy options that met our needs, (also Obamacare “safe”), but “new” policies are only processed on the 15th of the month and effective on the 1st of the month thereafter. Because of the timing, we must wait for our new policy to take effect until March 1. No problem right?

Well, not so fast. Any expenses incurred from Jan. 1 until March 1 will be applied to our old policies’ deductible and co-pays. We will start the deductibles and co-pays over with the new policy. Again, no problem, right? Just don’t be so unfortunate as to need health care until March 1. Nice plan, until our daughter was admitted to St. Marys hospital in Rochester this past week. Why our daughter is currently hospitalized is not so important for the purpose of my letter as is the fact that we are virtually guaranteed to pay two deductibles and two co-pays, all courtesy of Obamacare. Why does “Big Government” always cost those who follow the rules the most?

Who really believes because of Obamacare “everybody” will be covered by health insurance? Who really believes Obamacare doesn’t infringe on religious freedom? Who really believes all the “freebees” in Obamacare will result in lower premiums? Who really believes “Big Government” won’t eventually be making healthcare decisions involving the elderly? Who really believes we won’t increase the debt ceiling (again) in a few short weeks? We should all believe this is “change.” We should all believe President Obama’s recent statements during his State of the Union address, when he looked us in the eyes, and told us he would make (more) changes with or without Congress’ approval (Executive Order). Believe we can make reasonable change this November both at the Federal and State level. Believe if we don’t change the balance of power this November we may never be able to make reasonable changes again.

Paul Platz


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