The Water Park issue

To the editor:

The proposed water park for New Ulm has become a contentious issue, witness the four letters in the Feb.13 issue of The Journal. I was surprised by the sarcasm, personal attacks, and ethnic remarks therein.

The proposal should be debated and discussed based on its merits. Just because one person favors the idea does not mean that a person who opposes it is a bad person…it is a difference of opinion which should be based upon some facts. Regrettably, it is a common political ploy to attack the person instead of the issue.

I suggest such ongoing civic discourse be conducted in a way in which the issue is the thing, and opponents are respected. Spare us the invective and innuendo. In the last half of the 14th century a wise monk by the name of Thomas a’ Kempis wrote, “We ought not ask who is speaking, but mark what is said.” Good advice then, good advice now.

George L. Glotzbach

New Ulm

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