Please use fair trade chocolate

To the editor:

It has come to the attention of the student body at New Ulm High School that the chocolate that is sold around the world is made through the use of child labor. We feel that New Ulm can make a difference by offering consumers the option of fair trade chocolate.

Fair Trade certified chocolate is guaranteed by a third-party non-profit organization that the workers making/harvesting the product are earning a fair wage for their labor. They stop the use of child labor which can give children the opportunity for an education and set up sustainable practices in their communities. By refusing to buy from corporations like Hershey and Nestle that use child labor extensively, we can send a powerful message.

Some businesses in New Ulm have already taken that first step to changing the world. Hy-Vee carries Green and Black chocolate in their candy aisle. Other businesses in the downtown area have also expressed interest in offering fair trade chocolate in their stores. We would like to see more businesses in town begin to offer better alternatives to chocolate purchasers. For any businesses or individuals who wish to make a difference, please visit or

The impact of fair trade on affected communities is great. It protects the planet with sustainable practices, helps workers gain fair hours and wages, empowers women to stand up for their rights, uses revenue to build schools, provides farmers with tools and offers health care to end the cycle of poverty. Just one simple purchase has the power to make a difference.

Emma Kearney

Hannah Lundstrom

Gracelyn Sarkar

Madison Sunderman

Emma Todd

Allyson Vorwerk

Kristi Schlangen-Lindquist

New Ulm

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