A water park – really?

To the editor:

My issue with a water park in New Ulm is the timing.

In the current economic status of the country, our state and community, is this really what we should be focused on?

On a federal level we have leaders like Nancy Pelosi making comments like “Gee, if you lose your job or have your hours reduced – this will give you time to paint or write poetry” – ugh! Meanwhile, closer to home, we read of the increased demand at the local food shelf and how heating costs are soaring.

Of course, those pushing this park ignore the costs to the average New Ulmite -they avoid discussions of how many are currently forced to pull their monthly budgets tighter. They avoid the upcoming requests and costs that will be put forth such as school referendums, increased utility costs, increases in property taxes, food prices etc., but have no fear… I am sure they will be right there writing letters to the editor asking for these increases costs as well. Why then, when so many are forced to pull spending even tighter…. others are oblivious to the state of affairs and not held to the same standard. What will be the next cut of unnecessary expense from their budgets…. The Journal?

Instead of demonizing people with comments like “future growth” when we are pounded with how bad the economic future looks, maybe we should be taking a hard look at what is truly financially important. Maybe those pushing a water park (and any other non-essential project) – could take a step back and ask themselves if this is a necessity now, with hopes and plans in the future, instead of adding yet another insert to the New Ulm Tourism Guide?

How Dare “We The People” – as Rick Howk puts it – DEMAND that financial and fiscal concerns be addressed first – well, Rick…. because those who apparently cannot afford to drive to a nearby water park will not be the ones paying for it – We Will. That’s why!

Ruthie Hendrycks

New Ulm

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