Eagle Update: What’s happening in New Ulm school food

If you were to visit the New Ulm High School cafeteria, you may be surprised by the amount of lunch offerings for the 7th through 12th grade students. Pizzas made from scratch, cheeseburgers, beefy nachos, fresh salads and deli sandwiches, unlimited amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables are available daily. However, in a recent survey conducted by food service, students are not aware of all the choices available to them.

So how does one reach the students of today to inform them of their choices? Lunch menus have been sent via email to the junior and senior students highlighting new menu items and reminding them they can come down to the cafeteria to take out a nutritious lunch as they head out the door. Daily menus are posted on the walls just before students enter the lunch line. And now, for the students and parents who are progressive with social media, New Ulm Food Service now has a Twitter account.

On any given day, the High School kitchen could be serving something new to the students that they would be willing to try and they could find out what’s new on the Twitter. Tweeting can inform the students about what’s on the menu and it can be a way to get to know the kitchen staff. To see photos of the school cafeteria in action, go to: @newulmeagleseat. For National Nutrition Month in March, fresh samplings will be offered at schools and the high school will be offering a Chef 2 School event. Twitter is a great way to communicate these offerings.

Parents and students can view monthly menus online on the New Ulm Public School website under departments, food service. There is a wealth of information and links to nutrition websites, USDA regulations and Chartwells food service programs. Also helpful is information on how to access your child’s online account for paying online and how to view their daily transactions.

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