Flying Buttress supports New Ulm with video productions

NEW ULM – The New Ulm Convention and Visitors Bureau (NUCVB) has a new campaign in the works to create videos promoting local tourism. The production of these videos will be handled by Flying Buttress Media, which was founded by Jack Beranek and John Guggisberg.

Besides sharing a wealth of film experience, Guggisberg and Beranek are New Ulm natives, which greatly influenced the NUCVB to hire the film company.

“We know quite a bit about New Ulm, ” said Guggisberg. “Our experience with New Ulm Cable access Television [allowed us to] really learn about the inner workings of town.”

“We like to say we know where the good shots are,” said Beranek. “There are good shots all over New Ulm. An out-of-town company may struggle with where to film. We know where to do it and how to do it.”

Flying Buttress Media will make a series of short videos promoting New Ulm on lodging, dinning, shopping, attractions, activities and festivals. A separate series of videos will focus on sports such as ice skating, hockey, basketball and baseball. Flying Buttress will also produce a short film featuring a family coming to New Ulm and learning that “Germans have more fun,” which is a CVB motto.

The best part of the project is all the videos call for a different approach, ranging from commercials to short-films, Beranek said.

Production started in mid January. Beranek explained they had already started with the sports video, but are holding back on the tourist videos until the weather begins to cooperate.

In addition to the tourism videos, Flying Buttress has been working on a campaign video for The District 88 Foundation that involves filming at different public schools. This film will likely be released in March.

The duo credits their busy schedule with increased demand for video promotions.

“There is a big need for video production,” said Beranek. “Everyone realizes the advantages of video.”

Guggisberg added that social media has increased the need for video as well, saying “You can email this videos to someone who is interested or put it on Facebook.”

Another benefit of online video promotion is the tendency for websites with video to show up first in web searches.

The company’s name – “Flying Buttress” – is actually a clever reference to support. In today’s world companies and organizations require the support of video professionals.

A flying buttress is an architectural term for a type of arch. Guggisberg pointed to the graceful arches seen in gothic churches as an example of real flying buttresses.

Guggisberg and Beranek see their film company as visual support for clients, with the goal of delivering messages to the target audience.

“The first thing we want to know is who are you trying to reach and what are you trying to say,” said Guggisberg.

The first New Ulm tourist videos will be released starting in June and ending in October. The videos will be hosted on the Chamber of Commerce website and on YouTube.

The filmmakers have already finished a promotional video for Turner Hall.

Flying Buttress Media has amassed an impressive amount of footage of New Ulm for the tourism campaign. Beranek and Guggisberg lamented that not all the footage could be used in the videos. However, the film company will hold onto the footage for future projects.

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