Cross Fit opens in New Ulm

NEW ULM – Cross Fit has come to town, bringing a strength and conditioning program to local residents. The New Ulm Cross Fit is located on 509 North 20th Street. It is run by Jeff and Brandy Toomer.

Cross Fit workouts help in the real world, according to persons promoting Cross Fit.

The founder of Cross Fit workout centers, Greg Glassman, emphasizes functional fitness that correlates to everyday life. “Everything we do is going to help you outside of here,” said Jeff Toomer.

The Cross Fit gym – or Boxes as they are often called – is mostly open spaces to allow for full classes. “We have no work-out machines, it’s all body workout,” said Brandy Toomer.

“We consider your body the machine,” said Jeff Toomer. Equipment is limited to barbells, kettle bells, medicine ball, ab mats, jump ropes, squat rakes and a pullup rig.

The key to Cross Fits exercise program is the “workout of the Day.” The workout is always different to ensure the exercise routine is never the same. “We want this varied all the time,” Jeff Toomer said. “That is the biggest key to fitness is mixing it up and confusing the muscles.”

The Toomers first learned of Cross Fit a year ago. Brandy started going first, and Jeff joined shortly after. In a matter of a few months the couple took training to become coaches. Their original plan was to help with coaching at the Mankato location, but after completing the training in Chicago the couple decided to open a Cross Fit of their own.

The Toomers settled on New Ulm because it was near family, and it seemed like a fitness-aware community, citing the Heart of New Ulm program. After a week of advertising the New Ulm Cross Fit has 24 members, many of whom were familiar with the Mankato Cross Fit.

Scaled exercises are available to allow anyone to do the workout. The Toomers hope to have people from all ages in classes. The current age limit is set at 13, but they hope to have a children’s program by the end of the year. They feel that in some ways the individual classes are like small families. “Everyone gets to know each other and helps each other out,” said Jeff Toomer.

An open house was hosted on Feb. 15. Since then, the couple has been hard at work making the “box” suitable for workouts. Regular workout classes are scheduled to begin today. Over the last week the Toomers have held Foundation Sessions, which are required for members before taking part in the regular classes.

The Grand Opening of Cross Fit is scheduled for March 8.

Until additional coaching is available, class sizes in New Ulm will be limited to 20 people. Four classes are held each day. The first two are at 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock in the morning. The later two are scheduled for 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Two “foundation” class are available – one at 7 a.m., and the second at 3:30 p.m.

Functional Movement Classes will be held at 8:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday for people with limited mobility. These sessions are targeted for individuals recovering from surgery and those having trouble standing up or sitting down.

As membership continues to grow the Toomers plan to add additional class times and expand the gym space.

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