Fasching kicks off

NEW ULM–The Fasching celebration has begun, marked by the annual kidnapping of Mayor Robert Beussman. The Narren took Beussman hostage in a well executed ambush in the City Hall lobby Friday.

The Narren wasted no time in stripping Beussman of his power and declaring a time for celebration and festivity throughout New Ulm. The mayoral hostage was paraded through downtown New Ulm to the delight of many residents. This year’s festival has been long awaited, with several business owners commenting that it was time to “celebrate away the cold.”

Due to the exceptionally cold winter season, many Narren were spotted wearing medical masks to prevent the spread of cabin fever. Despite the snow fall earlier in the morning and the continued threat of blizzard conditions, New Ulm is ready to move the party outside over the current weekend.

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