Jefferson kids love to read!

NEW ULM– Jefferson Elementary School held the closing ceremony Friday for the “I Love to Read” program.

The program is hosted at Jefferson every year during the month of February.

Every year the reading program uses a different theme. As this year’s program happened to correspond with the Winter Olympics, the reading program took on an Olympic theme. Each classroom in the school was designated a specific country and its flag featured on the classroom door.

During the closing ceremony students in the gym waved their adopted country’s flag. Instead of an Olympic Torch, students were treated to a slide show presentation featuring photos from the month’s activities. Following the presentation the teachers all participated in a Flash Mob and showing off their favorite books.

As part of the program, the individual grades kept track of total reading minutes over the last month. Each grade, and the teachers, competed to bank the most reading minutes. As a whole, the school read for over 150,000 minutes in February. However, in 2014 the gold medal went to kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students, with an impressive 35,000 reading minutes.

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