Lack of respect for governor

To the editor:

No, it’s not about losing respect for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, you can’t lose something you’ve never had. You’ll hear about Mark Dayton in another letter.

This is about losing some respect for Republican Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona for vetoing the Religious Freedom Act. If you want to know more, read the front page of The Journal, Thursday’s edition, Feb. 27. What gave me the most respect for Gov. Brewer was when she passed the Arizona Immigration Law, because illegal immigrants were overrunning Arizona. She wanted the Federal government to enforce the Federal law but the Obama Administration wouldn’t enforce the Federal law, so she passed the Arizona immigration law.

Obama administration said it was unconstitutional. President Obama flew to Arizona to tell Jan Brewer she couldn’t enforce her law because it was unconstitutional. She met him at the airport, walked right up to him, pointed her finger in his face, gave him a piece of her mind and told him she was going to enforce the Arizona State law. Obama flew back to Washington and the Obama administration decided they were going to sue the State of Arizona and they still were not going to enforce the Federal law. So Brewer flew to Washington, met with Obama, tried to get him to enforce the Federal law and that’s when Obama said he wouldn’t enforce the Federal law and was going to sue the State of Arizona for their law. In my opinion, that’s when Brewer said she was going to enforce the State law and more or less “gave Obama another finger.” That’s when I had respect for Jan Brewer.

When I got my disrespect for her is when she buckled under political pressure from the gay and lesbians, political pressure from companies who said they wouldn’t do business with the State of Arizona, political pressure from people who wouldn’t have their conventions and from the NFL who would not have the Super Bowl in Arizona if she didn’t veto the bill and caved into all the political pressure and vetoed the bill. She shouldn’t have buckled under pressure and told people like the NFL if they didn’t want to play under the Arizona laws and the Arizona sunshine, she should have told them “take your football and take it someplace where the sun don’t shine.”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Angry old white guy,

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm

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