Maturi appears at NUHS

NEW ULM – Former University of Minnesota Athletic Director Joel Maturi told an assembled group of spring athletes and their parents at New Ulm Senior High School that success is a piece of mind.

“It is the self satisfaction thay goes with knowing that you did your best to be as good as you could be,” he said. “I think that in our society today, we measure everything only by winning. And we have put a lot of emphasis on winning at every level. That is a reality of our society – we have created some of that at the college level by paying the coaches as much as we pay them and the pressure to win is there when they are paid that much.”

He said that at the high school level “we always want to be a champion and sometimes we do not measure the bigger picture. If your son or daughter is not playing and the team is not winning there can be people who become disgruntled and understandably so.

“I have never met an athlete or coach who has not wanted to win but now we need to merge those two together and figure out how we can win,” he said. “To me, that is the challenge.”

Maturi said that he felt the disappointment as a member of his high school basketball team that lost three times.

“We were devastated when it happened but in the end you have to feel good about getting there and the success that you had,” Maturi said. “You have to put it in perspective and understand the hand that you were dealt and respond to it.”

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