Statistics confirm it’s a very cold winter

NEW ULM – Winter has been a long, hard slog in New Ulm. It has been so cold for so long that it’s hard to remember when the last warm days were.

In fact, weather statistics for the past three months show there have been a few nice spells, but they have been greatly overshadowed by the cold temperatures.

December started out nicely, with a high of 44 on Dec. 1, and temps in the 30s for almost the first week. But the cold hit on Dec. 6 and with few exceptions hasn’t let up.

December’s average high was 20.3 degrees, with an average low of 2.1 degrees. That dipped in January to an average high of19.2 degrees, not far from December, but an average low of -4.1 degrees. February’s temps were much the same as January, with an average high of 18, and an average low of -3.9.

December was a snowy month, with 17.1 inches recorded. Another 11.2 inches fell in January, and 10.4 inches in February.

For the past three months there were seven days when the high temperature never got above zero. The coldest day was a high of -6 on Jan. 28. There were 52 days when the low was below zero.

December’s overall high was 44 degrees on the 1st. January’s overall high was 42 on Jan. 20. February’s highest high was 43 on Feb. 19.

The December low was a -20 on Dec. 24. The January low was -22 on Jan. 7 and 8. February’s low was -18 on Feb. 11 and 12.

The high, low and precipitation figures for the past three months, as recorded by National Weather Service observer Victor Roepke, are shown on the accompanying chart.

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