Support “Son of God” at box office

To the editor:

The United States was founded on Judeo/Christian ethical value principles. The framers valued our inalienable rights from God and our rights that our republic form of government would protect. Over the last 40 years or more, we have been “watching” the expression of Judeo/Christian beliefs erode through moral-less and violent portrayals, in Hollywood movies at our box offices. Once in a while, we get to “see” a push back on that type of expression, with more wholesome movies.

A ten-year study by Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE, pushes back on the notion that Hollywood salesmen and Madison Avenue advertisers would have us believe, that is, that sex and violence sells the best. Through their study, which was based on nearly 2,700 of the top movies from 1996 through 2005, it was discovered that Christian worldview movies “make two to seven times as much money as movies with explicit sex and nudity.”

Dr. Baehr states “the vast majority of moviegoers, which includes the 141 million Americans who go to church every week, prefer positive Christian movies with moral uplifting content. If Hollywood executives and filmmakers want to make money at the box office, they should make more movies that reflect a very strong Christian worldview with very strong moral values.”

One of the best ways to get Hollywood executives to produce more of these high moral valued movies, is to pay the ticket price at our local box office. This is our chance to use our freedom of expression which we still enjoy in USA, and invite Hollywood executives to produce more of these highly moral valued movies. Hollywood will get rich if they would give us more good and wholesome movies.

A movie that I feel meets these standards, which is now playing at our local New Ulm and surrounding communities’ theaters is “Son of God”. Let’s get out there and have our voices heard now or in the future, whenever we hear of good and wholesome movies at our box offices. While you are voting in your local movie theater, enjoy the plot and pass the popcorn around.

Dennis Schwarz

New Ulm

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