Unsession, undo-session

Gov. Mark Dayton’s office unveiled a list of 1,000 items in state law that could be changed in the “un-session,” such as the law requiring the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture to personally capture any wild boars running loose in St. Paul or Minneapolis. We wonder if Ag Commissioner Dave Frederickson was aware that was part of the job description when he signed on.

There are lots of things that can be undone in the un-session, but first among them should be the repeal of the anti-business sales tax extensions passed in the last session. Sales tax on farm equipment repairs, on warehouse services and on telecommunications equipment were passed last year, and quickly became the target of bipartisan criticism.

Now that we know the state is expecting a $1.2 billion surplus, the legislature should act quickly to repeal these anti-business measures, without further delay. It can be the start of a big “undo-session.”

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