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Keep pressure on for Highway 14 funds

New Ulmites and others who live along Highway 14 have been very vocal in pushing for funding for a Highway 14 four-lane expansion project. Our voices have had a good effect, with money approved last year for the Corridors of Commerce program that is funding several portions of the roadway.

Now it is time to be vocal again. The House Transportation Finance Committee in the Legislature will be voting Wednesday on the proposed Transportation Funding package, which will provide $200 million per year in funding in Trunk Highway Bonds for Corridors of Commerce.

Those who want to see Highway 14 become a four-lane highway all the way to New Ulm can contact two local area representatives on the committee, Rep. Clark Johnson (DFL-N. Mankato)?and Rep. John Petersburg (R-Waseca to let them know how important this project is. Contact Johnson at, and Rep. Petersburg at

Amendments bill

THUMBS UP: A bill being considered in the Legislature this year would amend the state constitution, making it more difficult to amend the state’s constitution.

Right now a simple majority votes in the House and Senate is all it takes to put a proposed amendment on the state ballot. The new bill would require 60 percent of lawmakers in both houses to approve amendments, before they would go to voters.

We like this idea. A constitution should not be easily changed. We have had experience in recent years with the Republicans in the Legislature putting measures it couldn’t get past a governor’s veto on the state ballot as a consitutional amendment, to sidestep the veto process.

We think constitutional amendments should address serious issues and needs in the state constitution. Good ideas and needed changes should be able to draw bipartisan support.

Holiday Inn changes

THUMBS UP: For 35 years the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center has been a great fixture in New Ulm, hosting banquets, festivals and conferences, and providing top quality hospitality for out of town guests.

This year the Holiday Inn is undergoing a major remodeling and will be converting to a Best Western Plus hotel once the remodeling is done.

We’re sure this will mean the hotel will continue to be New Ulm’s hospitality leader for many years to come. We appreciate the investment TPI Hospitality, owner of the Holiday Inn, is making in the facility, and in New Ulm.

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