The lesson – Don't throw rocks

To the editor:

In response to an opinion piece by the Arizona Republic posted in Monday’s Journal, I would like to point out a few issues that this biased position failed to mention.

It is apparent that the Arizona Republic welcomes the approach for those defending this nation, re: U. S. Border Patrol, to turn and run or use non-lethal force when confronted by potential deadly rock throwers on BOTH SIDES of our sovereign southern border.

Their biased position miserably fails to address the actions of those throwing the rocks; instead it attacks the actions of those on the front lines of our southern border; fails to address why Mexico, who claims to want friendly relations with the United States, does not take a pro-active stance against these assaults; it fails to acknowledge that these actions are utilized to advert/command attention of the Border Patrol to further assist with illegal entry of humans/drugs elsewhere on the border; and, of course nothing is said with regard to the physical harm that these brave men and women endure, day in and day out… no mention of gratitude for their service, just a biased concern with those acting out violently to begin with.

Common Sense – instead of a bias – would tell anyone… if you do not want the negative actions Border Patrol must take when terrorized by foreigners/illegal aliens throwing rocks -DON’T THROW ROCKS!

One must wonder what the actions would be of the Secret Service/Security at, let’s say, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to rock throwers – wonder if they would just run and hide as well.

Ruthie Hendrycks

New Ulm

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