Hot dish or hot topics?

To the editor:

In Thursday’s March 13th edition of the Journal on page 3, title “Minnesota Delegation cooks up bi-partisan hot dish contest.” Senator Al Franken was the creator of the hot dish contest and Representative Tim Walz the winner for the 2nd year.

In the Saturday, March 15 edition of The Journal, was the headline “State legislators discuss hot topics.” Sen. Gary Dahms and Rep. Paul Torkelson had a Hot Topics breakfast at the New Ulm Country Club.

Now which would you sooner have in Washington, discussion of hot dishes or hot topics? Wouldn’t it be better if Sen. Franken and Rep. Walz would be discussing hot topics in Washington instead of hot dishes?

There is an election coming up in November, wouldn’t it be nice if we had a senator who is not a comedian and a rubber stamp for Obama and a representative who is not a clown and rubber stamp for Obama? Let’s send some hot topic people from Minnesota that can solve some hot topic problems, not hot dishes!

I have so many people asking me why I sign my letters angry old white guy. President Obama was on one of his fundraisers in California when the gun debate was going on and got caught on an open mic saying, “people in the Midwest are angry old white people who stick to their guns and religion,” and I am one of those! That is why I sign my letters…

Angry old white guy,

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm

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