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Bad taxes repealed

THUMBS DOWN: Why did it take so long? The Minnesota Legislature on Friday finally repealed the business-to- business sales taxes that were passed last year. The Senate and House passed an omnibus tax bill that repeals sale taxes on farm equipment repairs and telecommunications equipment, and the sales tax on warehouse services that was set to begin in April.

This is no relief to those who had to pay the first two taxes already, and little comfort to warehouse businesses who saw their customers head to other states due to uncertainty over the extra costs, and had to lay off workers.

The aggravating thing about this bill is that Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders all agreed this action should be taken, but Dayton would not allow it to be part of a special session. There would be plenty of time to do it in the regular session, he said. Then he complained this week that it wasn’t getting done fast enough.

It is a relief to know that these taxes are going away, and that a variety of other tax relief is coming as the state conforms its tax system to the federal tax code. But the Legislature could have done a lot better, a lot sooner.

Human Rights Award

THUMBS UP: Long-time New Ulm teacher Ingrid Liedman was announced this week as the recipient of the New Ulm Human Rights Commission’s 2013 Human Rights Award.

Liedman has been active in many causes over the years, from women’s rights to diversity and international issues. She and her husband Lowell have hosted many exchange students, and even a teacher from China for a year. Their travels over the years have also given them a unique world view which she has tried to share with her students.

Congratulations to Liedman for the recognition.

Home &?Health show

THUMBS UP: Spring has sprung this week with the arrival of the vernal equinox, and with the arrival of the New Ulm Home &?Health Show.

The annual exposition of things to do for yourself and your home once all the snow melts continues Saturday and Sunday at the New Ulm Civic Center.

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