Simply Food: Soy Ginger Sauce

Daphne is starting lessons to become a reiki master. Her teacher advised her to go on a three day fast. I recently watched a documentary on PBS about fasting. You can find it online, “Michael Moseley: Eat, Fast, and Live Longer.” This program opened my eyes to facts about fasting.

I have been fearful of fasting. Many years ago, I tried a cleansing diet and by day two, Claud came home to find me in the fetal position on the floor of Jack’s room clutching my head with an agonizing headache. He took me to eat a large burrito. I used to wake up every morning starving and eat late night snacks. Since I started striving to eat a plant-based diet, I found that I am not as hungry anymore.

So, I told Daphne I would fast with her but that we would have to have juices, broth and tea. She agreed and before I knew it Jack was on board too. We went to Costco and bought a bunch of Naked Juices. The plan was to start the fast on Thursday and be finished on Saturday.

Thursday morning came and I was pleased to not have to make Jack’s usual four crepes with Nutella. Instead, I steeped some tea and poured glasses of juice for all of us to enjoy. While they were at school, we started a group chat to discuss how we were feeling. We were all doing fine. For lunch I heated up some vegetable broth. For some reason it tasted like the best food I had ever eaten. Unfortunately, Daphne and Jack had to sit through lunch watching everyone else eat pizza. Their texts were coming in fast, “I’m starving. I want pizza.”

Later, I decided to look at recipes to make for Sunday. This was not a good idea. Five minutes into looking at pictures of food, I had to put my phone down. That was rough. I grabbed a cup of coffee to try to curb my appetite. It worked. However, it also gave me a burst of energy and giddiness. After school, Jack and I went to go get Daphne and we were both behaving a little goofy. We went to Costco first to get more juice. He said, “Mom, are beans a juice?” and “Mom, is Hawaiian bread a juice?” He was cracking me up. Poor guy was losing it.

When we picked up Daphne from her band rehearsal, she jumped into the car and grabbed the Naked Juice out of Jack’s hand. We passed it around like it was the Holy Grail. We were a little like wild animals with carrot juice dripping down our chins. We were laughing like crazy people.

I had to make Claud dinner that night. That wasn’t fun. Fortunately, he had me heat up leftover lasagna. I didn’t need to cook a whole meal from scratch. He took pity on me. I made tea for myself. After Claud’s dinner, Jack asked if blending up peaches and drinking them as a smoothie would be cheating. I said, I didn’t think so. He made a peach smoothie and hated it. By ten o’clock, Jack couldn’t take it anymore. He was walking around the house clutching a box of Shredded Wheats to his chest. I said, “Jack, just eat already. It’s OK.” He did. The next morning, I was making him four crepes again.

Daphne and I were going strong. In fact, we thought it was too easy and decided we wouldn’t have as much juice on the second day. We were pretty darn impressed with ourselves. That is, until lunch. Daphne texted, “Mom, I am going to eat a piece of pizza. I can’t take it.” I said. “That is fine. Do it.”

I remained fasting until I realized it was now Friday and that meant Friday night was approaching. I realized that I was going to want to drink a glass of wine that night. I couldn’t do that on an empty stomach. I lost my momentum now that I had no cohorts and thoughts about a Friday night without wine spiraled around in my head. I ate a bowl of broccoli, a handful of nuts, and some crackers. The fast was over for all of us.

Overall, I think we did a pretty good job at attempting a three-day fast. It’s pretty tough. I had so much fun experiencing it with the kids. I think I will try it again next month on my own. I am thinking that growing teens maybe shouldn’t do this. I don’t know. I am not a doctor. The meal I planned for us to eat on Sunday when the fast was supposed to end, I made for lunch on Saturday instead. It revolved around a Soy Ginger Sauce. This sauce can be used for fish, chicken or tofu. It can be a sauce or a marinade. Also, you can use a low sodium soy sauce or even Braggs Liquid Aminos instead of regular soy sauce, which will cut down on the amount of sodium. I grilled chicken for Claud and tofu for the kids and me. I placed the chicken and tofu over wild and brown rice with some Great Northern beans and spinach. I then, doused the whole thing in this delicious sauce. We all loved it. I feel like we are all appreciating food a little more than we used to and eating with more enthusiasm than usual. This is a nice side effect of fasting.

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