How would you handle Putin?

To the editor:

The editorial of Friday March 21 titled “Obama doesn’t know how power works.”

He, along with EU countries are doing economic and diplomatic sanctions.

So, even though apparently you do know how power works, you had no solution.

I can only imagine your plan therefore, you must think pull our young men and women who have already been to Iraq and Afghanistan too many times and put boots on the ground there or drop a bomb?

What is your big plan being you know how power works?

America does NOT want another war!!

The frozen assets of seven Russian leaders has already dropped their stock markets.

Putin is a dictator, plain and simple. I’d guess his plan is to keep taking over other former Soviet countries bit by bit.

Give this a chance to work, not just “know” it won’t work because it is President Obama idea and plan done in consultation with EU countries, simply because you don’t like him and NOTHING he ever does will be a good plan or idea.

Darlene Nelson


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