Public notices, March 27, 2014


(March 27, 2014)





That the Board of Ap-

peal and Equalization

meeting of the Town-

ship of Cambria in

Blue Earth County,

Minnesota will meet at

the Cambria Township

Town Hall at 1:30

o’clock PM on Thurs-

day the 17th day of

April 2014, for the pur-

pose of reviewing and

correcting the assess-

ment of said Township

for the year 2014. All

persons considering

themselves aggrieved

by said assessment,

or who wish to com-

plain that the property

of another is assessed

too low, are hereby no-

tified to appear at said

meeting, and show

cause of having such

assessment corrected.

No complaint that

another person is as-

sessed too low will be

acted upon until the

person so assessed,

or his agent, shall

have been notified of

such complaint.

Given under my hand

this 18the day of

March, 2014.

Brenda Thorson

Clerk of the Township

of Cambria

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