Marijuana issue needs more serious consideration

The issue of medical marijuana needs more serious consideration than our governor seems to be giving it. Several parents of children with medical issues that they say would benefit from medical marijuana were stunned this week when Governor Mark Dayton suggested they might be the barrier to legislation since they they say don’t accept his proposal to study the health benefits first. One mother even said the governor suggested she buy the drug on the street from illegal drug dealers, or buy it in another state where it’s legal and bring it into the state (a federal offense). Dayton has said he would never tell anyone to commit an illegal act, but was just speculating on what he, as a parent, might do.

Dayton is definitely wavering on the issue. He has said he would veto any bill that didn’t have the support of law enforcement. Then after meeting with advocates he suggested he might sign it, then he advocated a plan to spend a couple of million on studying marijuana.

There is need for a good, comprehensive and conclusive study on the efficacy of marijuana or various marijuana extracts in treating various illnesses. We’re not sure if Minnesota can do it alone, or if it should be part of a national or international study.

In the meantime, parents seeking relief for their children’s ailments, from epilepsy to cancer, should not be heading down to the corner drug dealer.

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