Good ‘Our View’

To the editor:

In The Journal on Tuesday, April 1, there was a good “Our View” about the president changing laws to suit him and making new laws. It stated, “It should be clear to Americans that President Barack Obama’s opinion is that the law is what he and he alone says it is.” The only thing wrong is it’s six years too late and it only covers bald eagles. Read the article. It’s good but it only covers the killing of bald eagles. What about the other laws he’s not enforcing and changing? Here are just a few; he doesn’t enforce immigration laws, he doesn’t enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, he’s made at least 28 changes to his signature Affordable Care Act and many others too numerous to mention.

Elections have consequences. We’re stuck with three more years of Mr. Obama. There are a couple things we can do to stop him. We have an election coming up in November. One thing we can do is to keep the House of Representative and take over the Senate and enforce the Constitution where Congress makes the laws and the president job is to enforce them. We have a chance in Minnesota to get rid of two of Obama’s rubber stampers. I would have other names for them but they are not political correct. If you don’t know whom I’m talking about, it’s our Democrat Senator Al Franken and our Representative Tim Walz have to go. We’ll have to wait until 2016 to elect a new president.

That’s my view and I’m sticking to it, just like I stick to my guns and my religion!

Angry old white guy,

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm

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