Weir comments on coaching decision

To the editor:

This is in response to The Journal article concerning the hiring of a new Legion Gold coach for this season. Bryce Boelter and I were looking forward to coaching again this summer. In three seasons we went to the state tournament three years, posting a 6-6 record in those three state tournament appearances. We received many compliments (on) how the players played the game the right way. They were very good representatives of NU Legion baseball.

It all started with an article in The Journal last September. We expressed concern about the dwindling number of ballplayers in Junior baseball. We met with their board to discuss the issue and offered some ideas. The article also contained the idea that it is unfortunate not all kids received the same quality of coaching.

Next was a monthly board meeting with the Legion baseball committee. Apparently a number of board members were upset with what they referred to as disrespect showed to them when asked to explain the reason behind the article.

Next was the coaches hiring meeting. I was hired. The committee also passed a resolution to approve the hiring of all assistant coaches. Not all committee members were in agreement with this. To my knowledge, assistant coaches have never had to be approved by this committee in the history of New Ulm Legion baseball.

At the following meeting I expressed my desire to have Bryce as my assistant for the fourth year in a row. The vote came back 9-6 to not approve. In three years I have not received any negative feedback from parents, players, umpires or opposing coaches. If some of the committee members had a problem with our coaching style, I would think something should have been brought to our attention immediately. There are also end-of-season unsigned parent/player evaluations. There was no negative feedback from those evaluations. Following this meeting I stated I would not coach without Bryce as the assistant. Twenty-four hours later I reconsidered and asked to be reinstated. I was approved by the coaching committee, but not by the president of the baseball committee

Also at the meeting to approve Bryce, an unsigned letter was produced and read by a committee member. It stated players would not play if we were the coaches. It turns out four players and their parents were responsible for the letter. It appears a very small percentage of players and parents are dictating who will be the coaches.

We were told we would not be rehired because some of the committee members wish to take the Legion baseball program in a different direction.

These are the facts as to why we are not coaching legion baseball this summer.

It was an honor to be the Legion Gold coach for the past three years. I wish to thank the players, parents and committee members who supported us during those years.

I also wish to thank the members of the baseball committee and Legion Post who wanted us rehired for a fourth year.

Bob Weier

New Ulm

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