Say no to surrogacy bill

To the editor:

Little attention has been paid by the media to SF 2627/HF 291, the Commercial Surrogacy Bill, which has been making its way through the state legislature. This bill would create a commercial surrogacy business, where individuals can pay a woman to carry their child to term.

I cannot claim to have experienced the pain that couples feel who are not able to have children due to infertility that suffering is real and deserves our compassion. Surrogacy, however, is not the answer. Surrogacy agreements are not in the best interests of children, nor of the women who carry these children to term. Children should not be treated as a commodity that can be bought and sold.

The Commercial Surrogacy Bill has moved through the Minnesota legislature practically unnoticed. In fact, the language of the Senate version of the bill was revealed only shortly before it was passed by the one Senate committee to which is was assigned. Now, the House version of the bill will likely be voted on by the full body with no policy committee hearings. Does this sound like our political system at its best? Even if you support this bill, I think we all would agree that Minnesotans, at the very least, should have the opportunity to study and discuss a bill of this magnitude more openly. Please, call your representative and tell them to vote No on HF 291.

Sam Patet

New Ulm

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