Say YES to Surrogacy Bill

To the editor:

Clarification must be made (to the April 5 letter, “Say no to surrogacy bill). The author of this letter is under the assumption that this bill will suddenly legalize commercial surrogacy. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Surrogacy has taken place, is taking place and will continue to take place in the State of Minnesota. There is legislation currently on the books for infertile couples that need the use of a sperm donor. The current legislation is grossly outdated when compared to the advancements of science and reproduction. The new proposed legislation is important to not only protect the rights of the sperm donor but to also protect the rights of the surrogate, the egg donor and the Intended parents. Everyone is working together toward the same goal: Assisting the intended parents to achieve their dream of creating and/or completing their family.

Children HAVE NOT, ARE NOT and WILL NOT be bought and sold as the author would lead you to believe. After all other options have been exhausted, an infertile couple seeks out the use of a gestational surrogate. The intended parents and the gestational surrogate, of her own free will and desire to assist an infertile couple create their dream of a family, decide to work together. When surrogacy is done correctly, both parties complete psychological evaluations. The surrogate has received clearance from her primary physician that knows her as well as her history. Both parties have negotiated a contract with their own separate attorneys. When both parties are prepared and in agreement, surrogacy is done properly. When surrogacy is done properly, both parties are pleased (ecstatic, overjoyed, elated, amazed, humbled) with the end result: A family for the Intended parents.

I am a two-time gestational surrogate. I was honored to be selected to babysit in infertile couple’s children while they were growing and developing prior to birth. It has been a humbling experience for me and my family to be able to assist someone with their dream of a family.

Pam Garwood

Prior Lake

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