Planning panel OKs KNUJ tower permit renewal

NEW ULM – The Brown County Planning Commission unanimously approved a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application Monday by KNUJ Radio on property owned by John Bertrand in Section 18, Home Township to continue to allow a radio transmission tower not to exceed 500 feet in height, in the A-1 Agricultural Zoning District.

Recommended conditions include KNUJ following the rules and regulations of all regulatory agencies including but not limited to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), current communication tower owner/operator and contact information and removing the tower and related facilities if it is not used for a period of one year. An easement granted from neighboring property owners must be received giving the tower owner permission to cleanup in event of a tower failure.

In an April 2, email to Brown County Assistant Zoning Administrator Desiree Hohenstein, KNUJ AM-FM Station General Manager Jim Bartels, attached a short video of the tower site, which was taken from the main access road. Bartels said he talked with two adjacent landowners, Bertrand and Dan Seidl, who said they have no problems with the tower.

Bartels wrote that there has been a setback regulation change since the tower was built in 1995. Commissioners agreed that since the tower was built before the regulations changed, the property is not affected by them.

In other action, commissioners approved:

A preliminary plat single-lot split by Richard Aukrust known as Lake View Subdivision, Section 28, Lake Hanska Township. Property being platted is adding 25 feet to the west side of the existing driveway.

A preliminary plat single-lot split by Kay Haas known as Haas First Subdivision, Section 6, Cottonwood Township. Property being platted is an existing building site being separated from tillable land. Brown County Zoning Administrator Laine Sletta said the property formerly housed a dog kennel but has not been used for that purpose for more than a year.

Planning and Zoning recommendations will be considered by the Brown County Board at about 10 a.m., Tuesday, April 15. The next Planning Commission meeting was set for 9 a.m., Tuesday, May 13.

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