Don’t believe lies about surrogacy

To the editor:

Mr. Adkins letter about surrogacy (4-11:?”The problem with surrugacy”) is inaccurate and offensive. I have been a surrogate, and I was never “carefully groomed” by anyone. Prior to seeking out surrogacy, I had three wonderful, healthy pregnancies of my own and loved the entire process. I simply wanted to help another family who could not bring their babies into the world on their own.

I was neither exploited nor substantially rewarded. I have a master’s degree and run my own successful business. Caring for this family’s babies was the lowest paid job I have ever held. My main motivation in pursuing surrogacy was to help another family and participate in the miracle of pregnancy and child birth.

To be clear, I was paid to take of this family’s babies, just as I am paid to take care of the children in my home daycare. I was not paid for the babies themselves, who belonged to their parents before they were trusted to my temporary care. Calling surrogacy human trafficking is as absurd as calling daycare human trafficking. No money changed hands for either my body or the babies. From beginning to end, my body belonged to me and the babies belonged to their parents.

Catholic church leaders continue to propagate lies about surrogacy because the truth is that they are religiously opposed to the use of reproductive technology and know that they cannot change legislation based on their personal religious beliefs. This is shameful and deceitful, and hurts the families who are helped by surrogacy.

Lindsay Wittrock

Forest Lake

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