Pardon sought for “Dakota 38”

To the editor:

Please help. An online petition to get a presidential pardon for the Mankato 38 needs 100,000 signatures by April 30, 2014, or as many as it can get. Mankato and all of Indian Country has been focused on the Dec. 26, 1862, hanging of 38 Dakota in Mankato following the U.S.-Dakota War for about 50 years now, for healing. Monuments at the site now bear the inscription “Forgive Everyone Everything.”

This pardon will be a very powerful element in an old and ongoing ceremony to bring all people to reconciliation. That means change, one attitude, and person at a time. This action is simple, to the point, and due to ongoing and patient work, is easy politically. It is doing the right thing.

This local Minnesota issue and our response strikes at the very heart of all human depravity, common sense, and conscience. If you doubt the power or propriety of this pardon, see my website, (or contact me, Hans.Sageng at

The petition can be found at

Forgiveness is healing for those who do it. In this case it should not be held out as a big favor to the Indians, in place of an apology, but as hope for universal healing.

Hans Sageng


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