Precious Paws: The new name in dog grooming

NEW ULM – Dog is man’s best friend and a good friend deserves to look their best.

Today managing a dogs hygiene is easier than ever thanks to groomers like Jackie Rohde. Rohde has been grooming dogs for a little over a year, starting part time at Pampered Pets and has now decided to start her own salon called Jackie’s Precious Paws.

Rohde opened a dog grooming business out of her home at 1115 North Third Street in early March. Rohde describes the business the venture as a mom & pop operation. The home-grown business is still in the expansion phase, but Rohde has all the necessities.

The tool’s of a dog groomer are unique. The standard comb and scissors are used, but other equipment comes special. Human toenail clippers will not work on a canine. A dogs nails requires a type of clipper that resembles a wire cutter. Instead of a salon chair, Rohde has the dogs sit on a raised table with a leash attachment to prevent reluctant dogs from running. The most impressive piece of equipment would be the dog bath tub. Raised off the ground and outfitted with a steps, this tub is capable of holding up to 155 pounds of dog. Rohde explained that a dog any heavier is washed in the human tub upstairs.

At this point Rohde grooms three animals a day on average. She said that a small client list allows her to take her time with individual animal. Each animal that comes into her salon gets the full treatment; a bath, a hair cut, and a pedicure.

It is important to remember that the average dog has more hair than a human. While most human wash their hair daily, some pets go months without a good scrubbing.

“It is so important for skin health,” said Rohde. Rohde uses only top quality product designed not only to bring out a dog’s coat but to protect them. The dog’s hair is not only washed but conditioned. “They feel so much better after they are groomed.”

Having groomed dogs for over a year, Rohde has gain a lot of experience but admits it is a learning process as each dog is different. Each dog responds different to grooming. Some canine clients sit still, other fight to escape. Some dogs hate having their tail groomed, others love it.

Not only are there hundreds of dog breeds, but multiple hair styles. Rohde said just because an owner has a poodle does not mean they want its hair in a fancy poodle cut. Rohde assures that grooming is not just for the show dogs. A few Precious Paws clients are large farm dogs. Dog owners living in the country often request close trims to prevent their pets getting caught in the brush.

The animals waiting to be groomed, or waiting for their owners to pick them up, are not kenneled. The back yard of Rohde’s house is fenced in, allowing the animals to run and play.

Rohde has worked with dogs for years, saying she has always loved dogs. Rohde currently volunteers as the Brown County Humane Society where she serves as Vice President. As a groomer she promises dog owner their pets will be treated like her own. “I would be doing this if I didn’t love them.”

Rohde’s Grooming services are available by appointment. Jackie Rohde may be reached at home 354-8946 or by cell 276-6845.

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