Airport water tower reconditioning project on PUC agenda today

NEW ULM – The Public Utilities Commission will meet today and is expected to award a bid for the airport water tower reconditioning project.

The airport water tower was constructed in 1988, and the original coating is still in place, which is deteriorating. The reconditioning project will protect the interior and exterior metals for another 20 years. Other potential changes include upgrades to the condensate system, access doors, and a safety system to the internal ladder. The handrails at the top of the tower will be replaced with a system capable of accommodating cellular antenna equipment. PUC staff is currently in lease negotiation with a cellular operator for a 12-antenna installation at the site. This lease would provide substantial revenue for the water department.

The Commission will also review the 2013 Survey of Public Services. The survey was submitted to 300 New Ulm residents; 75 in each ward. Of the 300 submitted, 156 were returned. In most areas, residents marked an improvement in services. Water, gas, and electrical services were each rated above satisfactory. The complete survey results are available on the New Ulm City website.

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