Democrats’ strategy of division

To the editor:

Like many Americans, I have spent a good part of the past five years upset and confused about what is happening to our country. President Obama, who promised to be the Great Unifier, has been anything but. His days in office have been marked by almost continuous division, turmoil, and strife.

The president, along with the rest of his party and the left-leaning media, has been taking us on a never-ending merry-go-round ride of divisive issues. One day he’s dividing us on immigration; the next, the “war on women.” The next week it’s gay marriage. And when those issues get played out, it’s on to setting the races against one another or demonizing the rich. And then it’s something else. We’d all like to stop the ride and get off, but they won’t let us.

Why is that? Why do they keep going with one divisive issue after another, non-stop?

Have you ever considered the possibility that they are doing it purposely, that it is all part of reaching a predefined goal?

Today’s Democrats are Statists. Their goal is to make the federal government bigger and more powerful, while simultaneously reducing the rights and liberty of individual citizens. Their objective is to introduce wide-sweeping changes to our government and our way of life.

But big changes don’t usually happen very quickly. It can take decades or even centuries for basic changes to take hold in a society.

The president and his party would like to speed things up. But how? The answer is division and turmoil. If the majority of the people are left to live their lives in peace and quiet, relatively few people will look favorably upon change. But if large numbers of people are continuously stirred up and made to feel discontent, jealousy, and hatred toward their neighbors, if they are made to feel insecure in their property, their health, their employment, and in the various other necessities of life, then they are much more open to giving their support to someone who comes proposing change.

The Democratic party wants to fundamentally change America. They want to change our Constitution, our form of government, our traditions, our values. To do this on an accelerated schedule, they must keep us from living our lives in peace and quiet.

So we can safely predict that the turmoil will continue for the remainder of this president’s term. None of us should be surprised by it – it’s being done by design. The only way to restore a modicum of peace and quiet in society is to use the ballot box to remove them from their positions of power.

Michael Thom

New Ulm

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