Public Notices, April 24, 2014


(April 24, 2014)





That the Board of Ap-

peal and Equalization

of the Township of

West Newton in Nicol-

let County, Minnesota

will meet at the Lafay-

ette Town Hall at 4:00

o’clock pm on Tues-

day the 6th day of

May 2014. The pur-

pose of this meeting is

to determine whether

taxable property in the

Township has been

properly valued and

classified by the as-

sessor for the year

2014, and also to

determine whether

corrections need to be


If you believe the

value or classification

of your property is in-

correct, please contact

your assessor’s office

to discuss your con-

cerns. If you are still

not satisfied with the

valuation or classifica-

tion after conferring

with your assessor,

you may appear before

the local board of ap-

peal and equalization.

The board shall review

the valuation, classifi-

cation, or both if

necessary, and shall

correct it as needed.

Generally, an appear-

ance before your local

board of appeal and

equalization is required

by law before an ap-

peal can be taken to

your county board of

appeal and equaliza-


Given under my hand

this 17th day of April,


Bonnie Brandel

Clerk of the Township

of West Newton

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