Be ready to act for abused children

To the editor:

In support of Child Abuse Protection Month we want to express that everyone needs to be aware, there are signs, be concerned, listen to children’s concerns, they need someone to confide in, someone they can trust and most important to believe in them. They need to feel safe.

Some people don’t want to get involved or are in denial of what is happening to a child. The situation may mess up their life, or may cause family conflicts. So much damage can be done to a child by overlooking the situation. Turn on the news. These children can feel like an “easy target” because of how they have been treated in the past.

No matter what the abuse is, physical, mental, verbal, emotional, or bullying, do the right thing, protect and stand up for our children. They have rights, too.

Al and Kathy Ring

New Ulm

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