Sheriff cautions plungers

NICOLLET COUNTY-The Nicollet County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release Thursday warning Plunge for Landon participants to do so with caution.

The sheriff’s office was recently notified that someone taking the challenge jumped off the Beussman Bridge over the Minnesota River just north of New Ulm.

“This type of activity is extremely dangerous and could result in criminal charges and participants getting hurt,” read the release. “The sheriff’s office recognizes the support but urges those participating to do so in a safe manner,” the release continued.

“It’s quite a drop (from the bridge to the river), plus we don’t know just what the river level is,” Nicollet County Sheriff Dave Lange said. “Jumping off a bridge is not something I’d recommend.”

Support for a five-month-old Missouri boy with a rare form of cancer has gone global after a video of people jumping into lakes and rivers in support of the cause went online including a Facebook post, promoting the Plunge for Landon Shaw.

Lange said a number of Nicollet residents recently jumped into Swan Lake to support the young boy with cancer affecting his kidneys, liver, lungs and brain.

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