Don’t blame Dems: corporations run the US

To the editor:

The recent letter to the editor blaming Democrats for all the problems in our governance is not true or honest to the record of events over the last five-plus years. The events in the U.S.Congress have been mainly for theatrical purposes (for example, repeated votes for repeal of the Affordable Care Act by the Republican House of Representatives). The real decision making is done out of sight by lobbyists in the pay of corporate interests. The tax changes made over the last 39 plus years have enabled corporations such as GE, Caterpillar, Google, Apple and others to shift their profits to countries like Ireland where it will be taxed at a lower rate. The corporate state is not interested in the concerns of the average citizen, but in maximizing its profits and reducing any regulations which would or could impact its bottom line. Corporations, Wall Street banks, telecommunication industry, etc. are able to control politicians via their campaign contributions or the threat to fund an opponent.

The middle class has seen its proportion of national wealth shrink since the 1970’s with the trend accelerating over the last 15 years. The percentage of wealth going to the very top income groups has risen dramatically. The job market is also changing rapidly as many jobs are now temporary. The workers work for temp agencies or as independent contractors. The corporations benefit by eliminating payment of benefits which would accrue to full time employees.

What will happen to the poor and middle class who don’t have wealth or inheritance prospects will not be a pretty sight. Welcome to the land of plutocrats and powerful corporations. Good bye to “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Dr. John Kluge

New Ulm

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