Chancery project necessary, cost effective

To the editor:

Reference is made to Monday’s Letter to the editor from Lynn Guggisberg regarding the new Chancery office, “being embarrassed to be a Catholic, wasting all that money and what would the Pope do?”

Let me state that I have been a Catholic all my life, have never been embarrassed of my faith, despite some of the shortcomings and scandals that have occurred and I am very proud of my faith, my church and my religion. I have worked with many persons of different faiths, both as a death care professional and in the travel profession and I have a deep respect and admiration for the other denominations I have had the privilege to work with.

Regarding the new Chancery building, there was extensive study and research that concluded renovating the existing old Chancery was not a wise financial decision and it was more cost effective to build a new building. The New Ulm Diocese, the most rural one in Minnesota, overwhelmingly supported this decision by the vast majority of the churches in the Diocese. We are most fortunate to have a “Salt of the Earth Bishop” in Bishop John LeVoir, who has the support of his flock. I must point out that this was not a decision of the Bishop alone, but of a committee that recommended the new construction. It is most obvious that Lynn Guggisberg did not review the reasons for the new Chancery office. It would be my suggestion that Lynn engage her mind with facts before she engages the pen with letters to the editor and displays her ignorance. As to what would Pope Francis do? Since he is a wonderful example of concern for and helping the poor and the Diocese of New Ulm helps out the poor through Catholic Charities and many other works of charity, I’m confident he would give his blessing on the new Chancery Offices, our Bishop, the Chancery Staff, and all who donate whatever they can to help the poor from the New Ulm Diocese.

Proud to be a Catholic. Proud of the new Chancery Office Building!

Eric Dulka

Member of the Cathedral

of the Holy Trinity

New Ulm

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